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Issue 92

  • $5.00


  • Modern Four Poster Bed

Tapered posts and clean lines give this bed a timeless look.

  • Space-saving Wine Rack

With a space-saving design and stylish good looks, this wine rack is at home sitting on a bench top or buffet.

  • Drill Press Edge Sander

This edge sander makes quick work of smoothing both straight edges and curves. And since it's powered by your drill press, you'll find it easy to build.

  • Routed Edge Profiles

Make 17 different profiles using only 3 basic bits.


  • Radiata Pine
  • Flush Trimming Tips
  • 7 High-tech Hinges
  • Rounding Corners
  • Planing Flat Panels
  • Custom Wood Hinges
  • The Hegner Finger Joint Machine
  • Paste Wax
  • Router Sled Box Joints
  • Table Edge Profiles & Winding Sticks