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Issue 90

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  • Blackwood Mirror Frame

Simple styling and building techniques allow the beauty of the wood to stand front and centre.

  • Cottage-style Storage Cabinet

The compact size of this simple storage cabinet allows it to be tucked away in a corner. But it's attractive enough that you may want it front and centre.

  • Wall-mounted Chisel Rack

A workshop project doesn't have to be all business. This easy-to-build chisel rack offers practicality with style.

  • Hardware Cabinet

Storing hardware is always a challenge. This compact cabinet is just the solution for organising a wide range of supplies.

  • Router Mortising Jig

Making mortises in minutes is just a jig away.


  • Blackwood
  • 7 Tips for Routing Perfect Edge Profiles
  • Diamond Plates
  • Locking Mitre Joints
  • Saddle-style Dovetail Squares
  • Tailor-made Filler for Fast Fixes
  • Choosing a Belt Sander
  • Router Mortising Jig
  • Framing Squares
  • Rediscovering the Scratch Block