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Issue 82

  • $5.00


  • Woven Lid Potpourri Box

Mitres, rebates and a simple woven top combine to create a unique gift project.

  • Sliding-door Display Cabinet

Build the base as an entertainment centre or linen cabinet. Add a top to convert the project into a display case.

  • Veneered Accent Table

Tapered legs and a "reverse diamond" inlay combine to create an elegant accent table.


  • Super Glues
  • Shelf Life of Finishes
  • Oscillating Spindle Sanders
  • Forstner Bits
  • Cutting a Perfect Mortise
  • Creating Accurate Slots
  • Flawless Mitres
  • Penetrating Oil Finishes
  • Through Dovetails & Table Saw Dovetail Jig
  • Loose-wedge Mortise & Tenon Joints