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Issue 79

  • $5.00


  • Machinist's Chest

Although the workshop roots of this small chest are easy to see, the versatile design works for more than just tools. A storage till on top and seven drawers below make it the perfect place to store all your hobby or craft supplies.

  • Display Shelf

It may be small in size, but this attractive display shelf is definitely big on detail.

  • Folding Step Stool

This handy stool unfolds in a snap to make those long reaches more manageable, then easily folds up to be tucked out of the way.


  • Drawer Liners
  • Gluing up Strong Joints
  • 7 Essential Layout Tools
  • Troubleshooting Tips for Your Jointer
  • Perfect Project Parts
  • 5 Tips for Taming Router Table Tearout
  • Rail & Stile Bits
  • Twin Tenons
  • Perfect-Fitting Finger Joints
  • 5 Upgrades for Your Sawhorses