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Issue 78

  • $5.00


  • Drop-Front Desk

Organise your home office with this attractive and practical piece of furniture.

  • Mitred Frame and Easel

This classic adjustable easel is a great showcase for your favourite photo.

  • Adjustable Workshop Stool

Sit in comfort at your workbench on this adjustable-height stool. Curved legs and metal footrests add good looks and stability.

  • Scroll Bending Jig

With this jig you'll be able to make your own hardware items by bending metal rods and bars into curves by hand.


  • Knock-Down (KD) Fasteners
  • Seamless Panel Edging
  • Scraper Planes
  • Precision Mitre Bars
  • Work Sharp
  • Berry and Rod Moulding
  • Set-Up Blocks
  • Placing Your Workbench
  • Vertical Cuts
  • Wear and Tear Rejuvenation