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Issue 77

  • $5.00


  • Classic Mantle Clock

Simple lines and elegant proportions combine to create a classic mantle clock.

  • Fold-Down Workstation

Turn your garage into a weekend workshop.

  • Glass-Panel Coffee Table

You could fill the grid with curios or just the striking pattern to be admired.

  • Wooden Hand Plane

Build a hand-held treasure in an afternoon.


  • Parallel Jaw Clamps and Toggle Clamps
  • Frame and Panel Doors
  • 7 Workshop Tapes
  • Saw Blade Sharpening & Face Gluing
  • Laminated Benchtop
  • Pedestal Drill Counterweights
  • Mitred Moulding
  • Timber Storage
  • Sharpening with Sandpaper
  • Surface Preparation