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Issue 74

  • $5.00


  • 3-Tier In-Box

This handy project is guaranteed to dress up your desk. The contrasting timbers and splined mitres are a real attention grabber.

  • Storage Bench

Here's a great reason to spend some time in the workshop. This easy-to-build bench offers both seating and valuable storage space.

  • Arts and Crafts Wall Cabinet

This attractive cabinet has all the classic Arts and Crafts details. But what you'll really appreciate is the simple, solid construction.

  • Saw Handle

Decorative chip carving makes this a beautiful new project for your tool collection.


  • Choosing Veneer
  • Child-Safe Finishes
  • Second Grade Timber
  • Table Saw Mitre Sled
  • Coping and Fret Saws
  • Solid-Wood Drawer Bottoms
  • Drill Doctor
  • Top 5 Workbench Upgrades
  • 5 Quick Circular Saw Jigs
  • 3 Easy Ways to Apply Shellac