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Issue 72

  • $5.00


  • Lever-Action Tool Box

This tool box features swing-out compartments that make it easy to organise and access al your tools.

  • Lighted Display Cabinet

The clean lines and compact design of this display cabinet make it a winner. Add interior lighting and it gets even better. But the real selling point might just be the simple, no-fuss construction.

  • Mitre Saw Station

This saw station is sturdy, adjustable, accurate and, best of all, portable.

  • Kitchen Table and Stools

Whether it's with stools you purchase or the ones that you build, this table is a great place to enjoy your morning coffee.


  • Router Set-up Tips
  • Replacing Bandsaw Tyres
  • Compass Planes
  • Raised Panels
  • Edge Jointing
  • Space-Saving Tool Stations
  • Metal Detectors
  • Emu Leather Lining
  • Leatherwork Techniques
  • Shaping Brass