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Issue 71

  • $5.00


  • 5-Tier Display Tower

This attention-grabbing project offers versatile, easy-access storage that's always in big demand. An attractive bonus is that it features inexpensive materials and simple, solid construction.

  • Three-Drawer Coffee Table

It's easy to imagine this beautiful table as the focal point of your living room or den. But what's even more impressive is all the great woodworking that goes into it.

  • Kitchen Pot Rack

Who would believe kitchen storage could look so good? Just take a little timber, add some stylish hardware, throw in a couple of days in the workshop and you'll have a project that's sure to please the cook.

  • Fine-Tool Cabinet

Display all of your fine tools in style with this easy-to-build cabinet. The slotted bank accepts slip-in custom holders so you can rearrange or add tools easily.


  • Hinges
  • No-Mortise Hinges
  • Plug Cutters
  • Ogee Profile
  • Installing Woodscrews
  • Folding a Bandsaw Blade
  • Making Glass Pane Doors
  • 5 Clamping Solutions
  • Adjustable Tenon Jig
  • Water-Based Clear Finishes