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Issue 69

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  • Garden Bench

Attractive, sturdy and best of all, easy to build, this project will create the perfect relaxing spot in the garden.

  • Classic Oak Wine Server

This beautiful oak cabinet is more than just an impressive way to store your wine collection. Open the drop-front to create a spacious serving surface and reveal the handy wineglass storage.

  • Beam Compass

You can build this classic, precision layout tool in a weekend. Its simple construction and durability means it will last a lifetime.

  • Mitre Vice

Commercial-quality picture frames from your workshop are possible with the help of your own mitre vice.


  • Compact Drivers
  • 10 Specialty Router Bits
  • Starting with a Straight Edge
  • Top 10 Tips for Perfect Mitres
  • Gluing Large Panels
  • Air Drying Timber
  • Table Saw Rebates
  • Perfect Curves with a Sanding Drum
  • Router Table Tune-up
  • Flocking