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Issue 66

  • $5.00


  • 3-in-1 Bookcase

The three bookcases above all have their own distinct style - traditional, country and Arts and Crafts. But the secret is they all share the same easy-to-build case. Just add the details that fit your taste.

  • Dining Chair

Comfortable, great looking, sturdy and straightforward to build - these chairs have everything you could ask for.

  • Kitchen Containers

Dress up your kitchen with this unique set of storage boxes and get a twin benefit. You'll learn a great new technique and have a very practical project to show for it.

  • Classic Awls

The twisted shafts are what make these scratch awls stand out. What's even better is you only need a few minutes to create each twist.


  • Raised Panel Bits
  • Tips for Making Identical Parts
  • Mortising Machines
  • Smoothing a Frame
  • Bracket Feet
  • Pre-Finishing
  • Splined Mitre Joints
  • Awl Details
  • Panel-Cutting Cart