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Issue 65

  • $5.00


  • Sliding-top Table

It's a table for two or a table for four. When extra seating is needed, the nested tops slide apart effortlessly to double the size of the table.

  • Book Rack

Here's a small weekend project that combines a classic Arts & Crafts look with some great joinery. It's also a great chance to try your hand at some simple chip carving.

  • Scraper Plane

A fine tool that's as pleasing to look at as it is to use. A wood wedge and a brass finger screw hold the scraper at just the right angle to produce thin, wispy shavings.

  • Piano Stool

Modeled on an old-fashioned piano stool. A wooden thread is the secret to adjusting the height of this stool.


  • Stropping
  • Chip Carving
  • Cutting Gauges
  • Cutting Threads in Wood
  • Router Tune-up
  • Gifkin Dovetail Jig
  • Floating Tenons
  • Solid-wood Cabinet Backs
  • Making Legs
  • Oil Stains