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Issue 64

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  • Routed Bowls

You don't need a lathe to make beautiful bowls. All it takes is a router, a simple accessory and a clever technique.

  • Candle Centrepiece

Sometimes you just can't beat simplicity in a project design. This candle centrepiece proves the point. Take a small amount of wood, add some simple joinery, top it off with perfect details and the result is a truly eye-catching accent piece.

  • Laminated Mallets

Laminated construction is the key to making these handy mallets that will last a lifetime.

  • Tool Chest

Learn how to rivet aluminium angle and lightweight plywood into a strong and sturdy chest for your tools.

  • Multi-Purpose Table

Build the ultimate, portable workstation with built-in storage, handy hold-downs and auxiliary slide-out work surfaces.


  • Sanders
  • Workshop Short Cuts (bowl bits)
  • Design & Inlay
  • Festool Domino
  • Spiral Bits
  • Saw Blade Storage
  • Jig Saw Upgrades
  • Assembly Tables
  • Chisel Techniques
  • Wood Oils