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Issue 58

  • $5.00


  • Knock-down shelf

Three pine cupboards plus a little ingenuity and you will have a shelf!

  • Display cabinet

With a design that elegantly blends modern with traditional features, this cabinet will look good anywhere in your home.

  • Dovetailed toolbox

Hone your skills on this little beauty. One toolbox is never enough!

  • Layout tool

Craftsmen have always made their own tools. Have a go at this little workmate.

  • Curved leg table

This clever technique will have your mates wondering how you bent solid wood.


  • Mastering the jointer
  • Quick and accurate mortises
  • Working with plastic laminate
  • Epoxy inlays
  • Get a grip on collets
  • Router trammel
  • Kerfing
  • Cutting guides
  • Tenons on a band saw
  • Working with brass