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Issue 53

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  • Curio cabinet

Inset glass doors and cove moulding are a couple of the distinctive features of this wall-mounted cabinet.

  • Shaker wall clock

With its classic design and traditional joinery, this handsome, Shaker-style clock is sure to become a treasured heirloom.

  • Hand plane

The look and feel of a traditional wood plane with some of the easy-to-use features you find on a metal plane.

  • Hat stand

The interlocking design will keep your guests wondering how it was put together. You'll keep it under your hat.

  • Table saw cross cut sled

Build your own accurate sled so that you can make the most of your table saw.


  • Flawless cuts with a jig saw
  • Tapping thread in brass
  • Moulded bridle joints
  • Secrets to great crosscuts on the table saw
  • Tailor made cove moulding
  • Choosing a table saw
  • Cutting compound mitres
  • Using wood fillers
  • Fitting inset doors
  • Our cutting diagrams explained