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Issue 48

  • $5.00


  • Grandfather clock
With classic styling and commanding presence, this grandfather clock is sure to be a "timeless" heirloom classic for years to come. Even if you don't build it, we'll show you some interesting wooding working techniques.
  • Marking gauge
Add a beautiful jarrah marking gauge dressed with brass to your tool collection.
  • Serving tray
You'll be serving guests in the evening after spending the day building this stylish tray.
  • Tilt-out storage chest

With its simple, divided bin, this chest provides the solution to a wide range of storage needs.


  • Best bit for a flush fit
  • Sharpening a chisel
  • Tips for installing drawer stops
  • Resawing on the band saw
  • 5 great router table tips
  • One-hour workshop
  • Touching it up - using touch up pens
  • Cutting a hinge mortise