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Issue 40

  • $5.00


  • Tilt and turn table
There's no mistaking the classic look of this table. Its standout features include striking veneer, a "birdcage" mechanism, and a pedestal base. Complicated? Not if you follow our instructions.
  • Picture frames without mitres
These stylish frames feature simple joinery and won't take a lot of time or materials.
  • Corner media cabinet
Make the most of your corners. This corner media cabinet holds a large-screen TV but doesn't take up a whole room in the process.
  • Rail and stile mirror

The construction of this attractive mirror is about as simple as can be. But the effect is stunning.


  • A tapered sliding dovetail
  • Buying veneer
  • Routing dovetails
  • Working with glass
  • Router table joinery
  • Task lighting
  • Perfect pieces on the table saw
  • Mixing your own stain