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Issue 37

  • $5.00


  • Classic tool cabinet

What more can you ask for? Quartersawn oak, simple joinery, fine details, and lots of storage. Might even be too good for your tools?

  • Fine tool chest

Build the perfect companion to the tool cabinet. It shares all the same details - just smaller.

  • Country-style bench

This simple project features a unique table saw "mortising" technique.

  • Louvred shutters

Here's your chance to make movable louvred shutters. We'll show you what it takes.

  • Louvred lamp

Once you've built louvred shutters, put them to work in this accent lamp.


  • New spin on slot cutters
  • Getting a flat bottom trench
  • 5 steps to perfect fitting tenons
  • Using a keller jig
  • Get a grip on your chisels
  • Table saw space-saving ideas
  • 5 ways to revive a finish
  • Selecting face timber