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Issue 30

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  • Convertible Coffee Table

This beautiful table converts from a traditional coffee table to one that’s at a comfortable height for dining or doing homework. The secret is a unique lift mechanism that’s built into its base.

  • Router Bit Cabinet

This storage cabinet features a Plexiglas panel, which allows you to see the bits. But what really attracts your attention are the dovetail keys at the corners of the cabinet.

  • Dovetail Key Joinery

Dovetail keys are a great way to strengthen a mitre joint. Plus, they’re easy to make. All you need is a shop-made jig and a router.

  • Trenches and Grooves
Cut a sloppy-fitting trench or groove? Never again. Here are the secrets and strategies for dead-on accuracy — regardless of whether you’re working with solid wood or plywood.
  • Display Cabinet 
Display your favourite collection or store your fine tools. Either way, this cabinet is a great solution. Plus, there are several options so you can make its design the perfect fit for your home.
  • Storing Hand Tools

Want to maximise the storage in your tool cabinet? Here’s how we adapted the display cabinet for use in the shop, as well as some of the custom tool holders we came up with to hang the tools.



  • PVC Pipe Clamp Storage
  • Squaring Up Boxes
  • Quicker Panels on the Table Saw
  • Saw Blade Storage
  • Tap & Die Storage
  • Laminate Liner