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Issue 24

  • $7.50


  • Craftsman curio cabinet
The curio cabinet combines all the features that make up a true Craftsman classic - mortise and tenon joinery, quartersawn oak, and period hardware. But it's the bevelled glass that makes this project stand out and shine.
  • Wall-mounted quilt rack
This quick and easy-to-build quilt rack looks good with just about any decor. And by using ready made turnings for the rod that holds the quilt, you won't need a lathe to build this project.
  • Birdhouse

The attractive design of this birdhouse explains why birds and people like to flock to see it. But there are some features that make building it interesting as well. Things like stave construction, a sheet metal roof, and an optional perch.


  • Cutting tenons
  • Stave construction
  • Getting your timber straight, flat & square
  • Backrouting rebates