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Issue 20

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  • Barrister's bookcase

They may look like a single unit, but these bookcases are made up of individual sections that simply stack on top of each other. It's a flexible design that can be modified and configured in a number of ways and can even "grow" with your libra

  • Spice cabinet

With its mouldings and arched frame and panel doors, this little cabinet looks like a piece of furniture sitting on your kitchen bench. The front half of the cabinet is actually a couple of boxes attached to the back of the doors.

  • Paper towel dispenser

Sure this is a great project for the kitchen, but it will also help you "build" your woodworking skills as you can cut two variations of a through mortise and tenon joint. They're not as hard as they sound, and we'll walk you through it.


  • Choosing & using glue
  • Mortises joints
  • Tenon jig for mortises