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Issue 175

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  • Bahut Cabinet

Building this beautiful George Nakashima object is a heavy-duty, deceptively simple woodworking project.

  • Hand Plane Restoration

We take you through the process of restoring an old Stanley No. 26 plane.

  • Swedish Ring Trivet

Chris Clark will take you through all the steps to make this trivet (aka yeast ring).

  • Router Table

This project makes the case that workshop machines should work hard and look great too.

  • Turning Reverse Mounts

Colwin Way tackles the questions raised by reversing mounting work to clean up bases.


  • Vibration in the Workshop
  • Clever Little Helpers
  • Tips for Using a Bevel Gauge
  • Planing Rough Stock
  • Festool DOMINO Hacks
  • Alternate Bahut Handle