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Issue 174

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  • Sea Chest

This versatile sea chest is just at home in your workshop storing tools as it is in your bedroom storing blankets. .

  • Valet Chair

Not just a place to sit, this chair also provides a place to stage your next day's clothes and store the items you carry in your pockets.

  • Arts & Crafts Bedside Cabinet

The latest member of the Arts & Crafts family, this cabinet completes the bedroom suite from previous issues.

  • Workshop Station

This wall-mounted system packs in a lot of storage - and an extra worksurface. It's easy to build and configure to meet your needs.

  • Sweet Chestnut Bowl

Bob Chapman takes a look at sweet chestnut and turns a beautiful Art Deco-style bowl.


  • 3D Printing in the Workshop
  • Installing Skirting Boards
  • Glue Line Rip Blades
  • Lignum Vitae