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Issue 15

  • $5.00


  • Table saw stand
There's more to this project than just strudy construction. It features a removable dust bin and convenient sliding racks for storing accessories. Plus, it has a unique castor system that makes it easy to move your table saw around the worksho
  • Display case
This walnut case provides an elegant home for treasured heirlooms. And it provides a showcase for a couple of interesting woodworking techiques as well.
  • Cookbook rack
This great looking project offers two cookbook storage areas. Plus, there's a handy, pull-out drawer for storing recipe cards. Best of all, you can start and finish the project in a weekend.
  • Accessory box

It's the details that makes this project special. From the gently curved sides to the inset veneered panel, this project packs a lot of woodworking into a small package.


  • Detail carving with pattern
  • Handcut lap dovetails
  • Panel ripping jig
  • Working with leather
  • Stopped grooves
  • Circular saw crosscut jig