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Issue 137

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  • Ulu Knives
Once made of slate, this ancient knife can empower arthritic hands.
  • Adirondack Chair
A classic design perfect for the patio.
  • Box-jointed Craft Centre
Based on an old sewing box, this craft centre is a pleasure to both make and use.
  • King Arthur's Puzzle

This clever wooden puzzle opens the door into the art of miniature woodturning.


Woodwork Techniques

  • Better shelves for standards and brackets 
  • Non-stick finishing stands
  • Box pin routing
  • Routing a wide profile
  • Ruler holder
  • Handy drill press hold-downs

All About

  • Christmas Gift Guide
  • 2nd Generation Douglas Fir 
  • Terry Gordon 
  • Choosing Straight Bits
  • Bargain Tools
  • Waterproof Glues
  • Western Red Cedar