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Issue 136

  • $5.00


  • Gifkins Butterfly Boxes
All you need to add to your Gifkins jig is a 45-degree block and you can cut butterfly keys!
  • Custom Music Stand
Bridle joints never looked so good! Build this stand for the musician in your life.
  • Modular Storage Boxes
Portable storage boxes that are equally at home as drawers in a cabinet.
  • Emerging Bowl

Producing a seamless transition from a square to a curve is a beguiling exercise.


Woodwork Techniques

  • Modern Log Cabins 
  • Col Hosie
  • Scrub Planes
  • Sharpening Drill Bits
  • Cleaner Cuts
  • Classic Dining Chair Joint

All about

  • Modern Log Cabins
  • Col Hosie
  • Scrub Planes