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Issue 134

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  • Quilted Cutting Board

A cutting board made from end grain blocks provides a tough, long-wearing worksurface. But it also gives you the opportunity to create some interesting patterns.

  • Garden Potting Bench

Create the perfect garden workspace with this potting bench. Two flip-up leaves in the top open to reveal plastic bins for potting plants and storing potting mix. Durable construction ensures that it will provide years of service.

  • Three Medicine Cabinets

Start with a basic case, then choose from three different design options to create a medicine cabinet that fits your style.

  • Dutch Doll

Use your turning skills on this traditional wooden toy doll that would make a wonderful gift for your daughter or granddaughter.

  • Fold-flat Sawhorses

These compact yet rugged sawhorses are transformed from a single piece of plywood into sturdy, versatile workshop helpers.

Woodwork Techniques

  • Shelix Cutters
  • Moulded Profile Mortise & Tenons
  • Flattening Surfaces

All About

  • Bamboo
  • Jim Davey
  • Bamboo Boards
  • Kreg Shelf Pin Jig