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Issue 130

  • $5.00


  • Dresser-top Valet

The shallow trays on this valet are perfect for holding keys, change or your phone. Beneath the curved lid is a roomy compartment for larger items.

  • Compact Pet Feeding Centre

Keep all your pet-related items in one convenient spot with this project. In addition to a serving area for food and water, it contains plenty of storage.

  • Leaf Bowl

Neil Scobie passed away in May. To celebrate the creative edge that Neil brought to the world of woodturning we feature his inspirational leaf bowl project.

  • Pedestal Desk

Frame and panel construction and a leather top give this desk a stately appearance. And while it's an impressive piece of furniture, we've kept the construction quite manageable by breaking it down into sections.


  • A tapered sliding dovetail
  • Buying veneer
  • Routing dovetails
  • Working with glass
  • Router table joinery
  • Task lighting
  • Perfect pieces on the table saw
  • Mixing your own stain