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Issue 13

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  • Corner cabinet
Don't worry about cutting corners with this project. We'll guide you through all the angles, from cutting the bevels for the case, to building the mitred-frame door, and even final assembly.
  • Glass front breadbox
Any way you slice it, a breadbox is a handy kitchen accessory. But this one has a couple of unique features - a flip-up door with a reeded-glass panel and a tuck-under cutting board.
  • Modular storage shelving

Perfect for the garage, shed or any place you need extra storage, these modular shelves are quickly assembled with knock-down hardware. And as your storage needs grow, you can build as many units as you like.


  • Getting a grip on clamp - short clamps
  • Getting a grip on clamps - low clamps
  • Six other types of clamps
  • Cut perfect half laps