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Issue 125

  • $5.00


  • Metal Inlay Box

Try your hand at a new technique with this handsome keepsake box. The lid features a metal inlay you can make in the workshop.

  • Add-on Bench

This small bench has big-time features. Mounted to a standard workbench, it offers multiple clamping options and secures a workpiece at a more comfortable working height.

  • Bedroom Bench

With its sleek lines, this compact, end-of the-bed bench will fit into just about any bedroom.

  • Swivel Vice

This multi-function vice can be built in a weekend by following our plans.

  • Wave Bowl

This beautiful wave form bowl was carved and then textured.


  • Wooden Cobbles
  • Metal Inlay
  • Warwick Powis
  • Basic Carving Tools
  • Annual TTTG Tool Sale
  • The Eclipse Mitre Shooter
  • Bench Vice Maintenance 
  • Grinding & Sharpening Solutions