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Issue 122

  • $5.00


  • Antique Toolbox

Tote your tools in style with this workshop-made version of an old-fashioned toolbox.

  • Wind-powered Fish Whirligig

A light breeze is all it takes to get the blades spinning on this whimsical whirligig. Then watch as the mouth opens and closes and the tail moves from side to side.

  • Micro-adjustable Shooting Board

With a hand plane and this trimming jig, you can easily master any mitre.

  • Gold Leaf Platter

Lifting a simple platter to a whole new level with imitation gold leaf is easier than you think!


  • Narex Chisels
  • Table Edge Routing
  • Bandsaw Resawing
  • Cutting Bridle Joints
  • Bobbin Sanders
  • Trimming End Grain
  • Chinese Planes
  • Wipe-on Poly
  • Ogee Bits
  • Offset Tenons