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Issue 121

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  • Box Joint Picture Frames

Simple box joint construction allows you to turn out a set of these picture frames in a weekend.

  • Towel Rack

Although designed for bath towels, this rack can easily display a favourite quilt. Splined mitres and mortise and tenon construction ensure that the project will last for years.

  • Multifunction Worktable

This worktable features a large worksurface yet the leaves fold down for easy storage.

  • Fumed Oak Bowl

Two techniques, fuming and texturing, are used to produce an aged effect on an oak bowl.


  • Square Assembly
  • Sortimo Containers
  • Block Planes
  • Hold-down Clamps
  • Linseed Oil Finishes
  • Guide Bushings
  • Hinge Mortises
  • Measuring & Marking
  • Workshop Mats