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Issue 114

  • $5.00


  • Five Workshop-made Clamps

Why buy specialty clamps when you can make them yourself?

  • Stylish Curved Bench

Graceful curves and smooth lines give this bench an understated elegance.

  • Modern Power Tool Bench

This heavy-duty workstation features a large worksurface, ample storage and a cordless tool recharging shelf. If you're a power tool user, then this bench is for you.

  • Architectural Roof Finial

All you need to know to replace an architectural roof finial for the gable end of a house.


  • Seamless Joints with a Coping Sled
  • Nails & Brads
  • Loose Tenon Joinery
  • Cabinet Levellers 
  • Forstner Bits
  • Managing Wood Movement
  • Table Saw Crosscutting
  • Workshop Layout