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Issue 113

  • $5.00


  • Sculpted Wood Vase

This simple vase also makes a great desk organiser. Best of all, you can knock out several of them in a weekend for last-minute gifts.

  • Dart Board

This classic cabinet adds an authentic air to any game of darts. And when you’re done playing, the doors close for storage.

  • Bedside Cabinet

The frame-and-panel appearance of this nightstand gives it a traditional look. But in reality, the “frames” are simply applied to a simple plywood case.

  • Cabinet Scraper

This traditional tool is perfect for smoothing wood surfaces. Plus, it looks great doing it.

  • Spherical Hollow Form

Turning a hollow globe is the pinnacle of turning prowess.


  • Finding the Best Glue for the Job
  • Mitred Dovetails
  • Magswitch Work-holding System
  • Get Mobile
  • Jointer Techniques
  • Washers
  • Rubber Band Clamps 
  • Finish Repairs