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Issue 111

  • $5.00


  • Bedroom Suite Dresser

With an assortment of different drawer sizes, this dresser offers the perfect solution to your clothes storage needs.

  • Heirloom Tool chest

This attractive tool chest is sure to become the focal point of your workshop. It's just the right size to store an assortment of your most-often used tools.

  • Leaf Motif Platter

Create this decorative platter using leaf stencils, an airbrush and some autumn-toned acrylic paint.

  • Snowflake Trivets

These interlocking and overlapping puzzles can be made on a table saw with either dado blades or a spacer and a standard cross-cut blade.


  • Sand-Flee
  • Portable Drills
  • Flawless Veneer
  • 7 Forgotten Hand Tools
  • Sandpaper Sharpening
  • Epoxy Surface
  • Mitre Clamps
  • Using Edge Grain
  • Signmakers Kit