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Issue 11

  • $5.00


  • Chest-on-Chest

Traditional moulding, raised panel drawers, and frame and panel construction come together in this chest-on-chest to create an heirloom that will be passed down for generations.

  • Dovetail Jig

Making hand-cut dovetails can be very time consuming but especially satisfying when they all come out perfectly even. This shop-made jig makes great dovetails and will help you be more productive as well.

  • Machine-Cut Dovetails

Whether you're building one drawer or seven, a common lapped dovetail jig makes it easy to rout strong, traditional-looking dovetails. Here's what you need to know when setting up your jig and routing the work pieces.

  • Wall-Mounted Utility Shelf

One way to keep your work surface free of clutter is to make sure you have plenty of storage space - within reach. This east-to-build shelf is a good solution. It has a convenient "open" design and a handy shop light underneath.


  • Table saw extension wing
  • Dovetailing tips