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Issue 108

  • $5.00


  • Wall Shelves

Sliding doors on these wall shelves allow you to use one side as storage and the other side for display. You can also arrange the shelves and storage units in different configurations to suit your available wall space.

  • Shaker Clock

Inspired by traditional Shaker design, this tall clock features straightforward joinery paired with simple details.

  • Campaign-style Tool Cabinet

Store your tools in style. This cabinet is based on 19th-century campaign chests and features loads of storage options.

  • Finishing Station

Any workshop would benefit from the fold-up design of this compact finishing centre.

  • Salt & Pepper Grinders

Combination shakers make excellent presents and are easy to turn.


  • Arbortech Mini Turbo
  • Drawer Sizing
  • Arkansas Stones 
  • Routing Dovetails 
  • Mystery Tools 
  • Lanolin Finishes