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Issue 106

  • $5.00


  • Router Table

Our favourite router table design of all time.

  • Router Table Fence

The fence design that will have you getting the most out of your router table.

  • Trench Sled

Cutting perfect trenches and grooves is a breeze with a dedicated sled.

  • Gifkins Dovetail Jig

Beautiful boxes are now easier to make with this jig.


  • Choosing the Right Router
  • Sliding Dovetails
  • Plunge Routers & Hand Routing Techniques
  • Perfect Tenons
  • Top 10 Set-up Tips
  • Edge Jointing
  • Box Joints
  • Quartersawn Legs
  • Router Table Rebates & Locking Rebates
  • BITS: Straight, Cove, Multi-Profile, Raised-Panel, Router Table