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Issue 1

  • $5.00


  • Roll-top desk

Classic shape. Simple design. Both come together to make this roll-top desk a rewarding project that's easy to build.

  • Desk organizer

Slide this desk organizer into the roll-top desk. Or build it as a separate unit that looks good from any angle.

  • Fretwork picture frame

The intricate fretwork on this picture frame is only half the story. It's hinged to another frame that holds a standard photgraph. This free-standing frame makes a great weekend project.

  • Extension wing router table

This router table replaces the extension wing on your table saw. Besides saving space, there's a unique fence system that attaches to the existing rip fence on your saw


  • Building Tambours
  • Scroll saw techniques
  • Clamping station
  • Tamper jig