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Issue 8

  • $5.00


  • Corner Computer Desk

Whether you're applying plastic laminate, attaching the hardwood edging, or installing knock-down hardware, building this elegant desk allows you to try a variety of woodworking techniques.

  • Tool Chest

This traditional tool chest is designed to hold your favourite hand tools and last a long time. It features frame and panel joinery, a large storage drawer in the base, and solid brass hardware.

  • Knife Rack

Designed to be built in a weekend, this knife rack is a practical way to store your knives. And it can be used in two different ways: hung on a wall or placed in a drawer.

  • Desk Extension Wing

Need more desk space? Build one (or two) matching extension wings to go along with the corner computer desk.The modular design allows you to add a wing at a time.


  • Fixing Damaged Finishes
  • Full Mortise Lock
  • Contact Cement
  • Featherboard Jig