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Issue 168

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  • Bathroom Storage Cart

This little bathroom cart is the perfect solution to any area that needs a little extra storage. The stainless steel accents add a modern twist to the overall design.

  • Hook Knives

Inspired by traditional knife styles, these unique knives offer a sweet addition to your carving kit.

  • Campeche Chair

Combine centuries of solid service with an elegantly simple design and you get a chair from the Caribbean that's loved by all.

  • Shaker Sewing Cabinet

Simplicity often gets overlooked in these hasty times. That's sad - take a look at what hurried people miss.

  • Turning Drawer Pulls

Making your own means you get to mix and match materials.


  • Installing Auto Blast Gates
  • Best Abrasives
  • Flush Trim Bits
  • Rule Joints
  • Using Hook Knives
  • Spline Joints
  • New Gifkins Techniques
  • Sumimaru Kanna