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Issue 163

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  • Workshop Stool

Don't let the slender, graceful lines of this stool fool you. Solid construction makes it well-suited to stand up to years of use in your workshop.

  • Twisted Dovetails

John Bullar shows us how to make this unusual but useful joint. 

  • Multi-function Shavehorse

No, this isn't a woodworking rowing machine! This traditional device helps you get the most from your hand tools.

  • Arched-stretcher Sofa Table

Although modern in appearance, this table goes together using traditional joinery.

  • Renaissance Tool

Scrapers are underappreciated tools!


  • Diamond Plate Finishing
  • Belt Sanders
  • Chair Devils
  • Drawknives & Spokeshaves
  • Cutting Threads in Wood
  • Sunrise Dovetails