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Issue 166

  • $5.00


  • Carving Board

More than just a cutting board, this project adds a routed, decorative design that serves a practical purpose as well.

  • Figured Sycamore Jewellery Box

Israel Martin makes a secret mitre dovetail box inspired by the work of Japanese master, Jenji Suda.

  • Dining Table & Bench

This traditional farmhouse table and bench incorporate timber frame details to create a spot you'll be proud to gather around. 

  • Carved Rim Platter

Pat Carroll makes a platter with a difference.


  • Morrison's Huon Pine Sawmill
  • Apron Planes
  • Cutting Secret Dovetails
  • Food Safe Finishes
  • Drawbore Joinery
  • Paul Raciborski Welsh Chairs
  • Veteran Huon Pine