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Torsion Box Workbench
Despite its unconventional top design, this workbench has all the features you need - strength and stability, a dead-flat worksurface and multiple clamping options. Plus, it's inexpensive to build.

Arts & Crafts Book Rack
Quartersawn oak, square openings, gentle curves and through "tenons" give this easy, weekend project an Arts & Crafts-style appearance.

Laptop Computer Desk
A folding top and drop-front door transform this compact desk into a spacious work centre.

Custom Scraper Shaves
Get a glass-smooth surface ready for a finish with these heirloom-quality hand tools.

Top-notch Sanding Box
Keep your abrasives together in style.

Hoop Pine Better Boxes (Wrap-around Mitres)
Sand-flee Solvents
Replacing Router Bearings Mortise and Tenon Joints
Quick and Easy Bullnose Profiles
Get More From Your Waterstones