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Flat Screen Media Centre
This beautifully detailed media centre will hold all of your electronic gear in classic style - with room to spare. Or, if your needs (and space) are more limited, you can scale down the project by building just the centre base unit.

Hanging Wall Shelves
The flexible design of this project offers a very practical, space-saving storage solution. Build the individual shelves that suit your needs and hang them anywhere you have a little unused wall space.

Snack Tray Cabinet
This project provides two interesting woodworking challenges in one package. The four lower "drawers" in this stylish cabinet fold out into handy snack trays.

Calipers and Dividers Set
This set of quality layout tools is easy to build, but they'll perform perfectly in your workshop for a lifetime.

Cabinet-Grade Plywood Cove Moulding
Biscuit Joiner Check-up Using a Hacksaw
Tenons on the Router Table Drawer Liners
Lock Mitre Bits Applying Resin Finishes
Smooth Curves Dressing up a Square Leg