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Five drawer desk
With its tapered legs and accented timber, this elegant desk stands out from the crowd. But you'll appreciate its straightforward construction and skill-building details.

Quilt rack
Through mortises on a table saw? We'll show you how it's done on this classic project.

Wall shelves
Making the most of the smallest spaces. This unique project combines an interesting design with some challenging woodwork.

Marking gauges
Aluminium and Jarrah contrast beautifully in this elegant combination. We'll show you all you need to know about this pliable metal.

Bandsaw add-ons
5 clever additions that will add versatility and safety to your bandsaw.

Keyed mortise and tenon joints Sharpening with sandpaper
Rare-earth magnets Google sketch-up
Working with epoxy Bevelled mitres
Hearing protection Wax finishes
Sharpening drill bits Hi-tech rasps & pocket planes