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9-drawer dresser
This great looking dresser features basic veneered panel construction and contrasting colours. Plus there's an optional base and top.

Carpenter's toolbox
This toolbox would make your grandfather proud. With its traditional-looking box joints and aged brassware, this classic toolbox is the perfect place to house your favourite hand tools.

Picture frames
You can build both these picture frames in a weekend. But with their intricate looking profiles and contrasting strips of wood, no one would ever guess.

Country pine cupboard
Build this simple country project with three table saw joinery techniques that you can use again and again.

Adjustable housing jig
Finally, an easy to build jig that turns your hand-held router into a quick and accurate tool for cutting trenches and rebates.

Picture frame clamping jig
This simple clamping jig uses an ordinary band clamp to keep mitred corners in place.

Looking at tool steel We make tough cuts easy
Get the most from your plunge router Antique finishes
Revive your router bits Homemade edge sanding block
Strengthening mitre joints
Great glue-up tips