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Jewellery chest-on-chest
Even though this elegant jewellery chest looks like a full-sized chest of drawers, it's actually sized to sit on top of a dresser. And basic joinery techniques keep the construction challenging, but simple.

Desk clock
In spite of its small size, there's a lot of woodworking that goes on into making this clock. What's more, there's even a secret compartment. It's a great gift project that you can build in a weekend.

Modular filing cabinets
Whether you need a little storage or a lot, the modular design of these filing cabinets means you can build just what you need (and you can add additional units later on). Plus, you can customise the look with one of several optional drawer fronts

Home office desk
Start by building a pair of two drawer filing cabinets, connect them with a top panel and add a shallow drawer. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to build a handsome desk.

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Top 10 router set-up tips
Shellac finish
Drawer slides