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Bedroom armoire
Whether it's storing your clothes or holding a TV and DVD player, this armoire is sure to command attention. Our detailed construction plans walk you through the building process step by step. Plus, we came up with an optional top and base.

Tabletop display case
With glass panels and distinctive raised mouldings, friends may spend as much time admiring the case as its contents. We'll show you everything you need to build this heirloom-quality piece.

Picture frame
Even though you can build it in an afternoon, this is more that just a simple frame. For one thing, the frame is joined with mitred half laps. Plus, we'll show you how to use contrasting woods and veneers to give it any number of custom looks.

Water-based aniline dyes
Mitred half laps
Installing a ball catch
Installing concealed hinges
Tips for using plywood