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Classic cherry bed
Individual slats mortised into a curved top rail are just one of the features that make this elegant project an interesting challenge to build.

Children's bookcase
This easy-to-build project features solid wood construction and a unique shelf system. There are three shelves that can lie flat or tilt back to "cradle" the books.

Wood pens
Turning your own pens is a great way to use up small scaps of wood. And by using our step-by-step instructions and simple turning jig for the drill press, you don't even need a lathe.

Mantel clock
From built-up mouldings to a handy pull-out drawer, this project packs a lot of woodworking in a small package. But best of all, we kept the design simple enough so that you can build this clock from start to finish over a weekend.

Routing through mortises Spokeshaves
Looking at figured maple
Biscuit jig with a router
Bed rail fasteners
Pen turning jig